How shoddy writing will deter customers

Reading Solar Style‘s relatively brief FAQ page — my husband suggested one of the company’s solar cell phone/iPod chargers for his birthday gift — I was turned off on the company. Why? The page contained at least six horrible typos.

Particularly when I’m studying a company I’m not familiar with, this kind of rampant lack of attention to detail is quite off-putting. Can I trust this company with my dollars? Is its warranty reliable? Or is this just a fly-by-night operation?

I’d like to think well of this organization. It’s promoting eco-responsibility, and that’s something I value. But I also don’t want to spend a chunk of money on equipment made by a company with perhaps shoddy workmanship. After all, if Solar Style leadership doesn’t care enough about its image to ensure clean writing (one of the most immediate reflections of its integrity to potential customers), why would I be confident about the quality of the company’s product?

Even though I know my husband would appreciate a solar charger, I doubt he’ll be getting one from me at this point, from this company.

Write well — cleanly, without errors, at least — or if you can’t accomplish this alone, hire qualified help in this field. It’s essential to successful business.


4 responses to “How shoddy writing will deter customers

  1. Rats. I kinda wanted that for my birthday! Do I need to dig up a different supplier?

  2. Oh, ABSOLUTELY! This makes me CRAZY! I harassed a car dealership until they took the damned apostrophes out of all the “Kia’s and Chevy’s” that they had to sell. UGH! You may, in fact, BE ignorant grease monkeys, but you don’t have to LOOK LIKE ignorant grease monkeys.

    I refuse to do any business with the furniture store whose owner does his television comercials in a stars-and-stripes bikini. It’s just wrong.

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