Corporate identity crisis

Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World in Omaha, Nebraska

What do you expect of a place that calls itself Outdoor World? Does the name carry with it any inherent expectations of the company that uses it? It does for me. I feel assaulted by that huge ocean of parking lot in front of a mammoth building bearing the name Outdoor World.

It’s one thing for Wal-Mart or some other corporate retail giant to have a massive parking lot and a gargantuan building; for a place labeling itself as one who cares about the outdoors, though, it’s unpalatable. Hunters and fishermen are often cheerleaders of environmental protection — they use the outdoors a bunch, so they have a vested interest in seeing that it’s maintained and improved and not destroyed. Ducks Unlimited, anyone?

Want to hazard a guess on the carbon footprint of just one of Bass Pro Shops’ 45 buildings? (Another 19 or 20 are planned to open soon, according to the company’s map.

I found a tiny link on the bottom of the webpage, to Our Commitment, but it goes nowhere. A phrase appears briefly when I click the link, telling me to click here if the page doesn’t appear, but that only took me to customer service. Nah. I do wish I could read about the company’s commitment, though. The site does have a page of links to conservation organizations.

It would behoove Bass Pro Shops to play up its conservation/offset measures, if it has any. Otherwise, this identity crisis is a real turnoff.


One response to “Corporate identity crisis

  1. I am often amused (in an “I am NOT amused” sort of way) by the blatant hypocrisy I see in things like this. Does no one else see the dichotomy, or are they too blinded by corporate interests and the almighty dollar?

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