O, Conoco!: A proposition

In my daze of traveling (especially the night driving) yesterday, it occurred to me that “O, Conoco!” is a palindrome. I started singing this song, to the tune of “O, Canada!” and suggested to my driving husband that Canada might want to at least consider a name change to be able to utilize this new anthem.

Advantages of the change (as articulated last night):

• Sponsorship opportunities. A town was renamed as a publicity stunt for Joe Montana; perhaps the petroleum company would see such a paid sponsorship as a way to remove the spotlight from Big Oil’s astonishing profits.

• It would be a move with educational advantages. More of the general population would learn about palindromes.

• As somewhat insinuated in the first point, Canada and the Canadian people would have a financial advantage to settling such an arrangement. Perhaps it could be done for a limited time.

Maybe Canada’s not up for the change. If it’s not, but Conoco’s still open, perhaps it could settle for a distant runner up: Rename the town of Gas, Kansas (Home of the Largest Gas Kan in the World, see here).

Yes, I know this is super silly, but it was birthed during a late-night drive through boring Kansas (and part of Missouri).


What do you think? I'd love to know.

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