Judging books by their covers

I suppose I’ve nearly always judged books by their covers. I do tend to consider a book’s cover when deciding what books to take home from the library (Who am I kidding? I’m sure this is true at the bookstore, too!). I had to realize this recently, after finally picking up and devouring a couple of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey novels.

Several friends, whose opinions I trust, had recommended these books. I know one friend had brought up the series multiple times. When I’d pick up a volume at the library, though, I just put it back down. The covers put me off.

old sayers

This time, though, I read the back cover and sneaked a peak at the copyright page. The book was published in the 1920s! In that context, the cover made sense. I took home a volume or two (I don’t remember which exactly, or how many).

The books are mysteries, but they cross genres, really. They can stand as novels. The stories are truly compelling, more than worth the risk. I regret waiting so long!

Intermediate covers weren’t much better.


Thankfully, new volumes have been released, with much improved covers.

new cover

What books have you been putting off reading because of the covers? Maybe it’s time to take the chance.


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