Mango language learning

I discovered a language-learning site with online lessons this week: Mango Languages. I found it via Tech Crunch, although it wasn’t the focus of the post there.

It’s free, it offers a wide variety of languages, the study starts at the beginning. Oh, and sign-up is quite simple and quick. This may help me achieve my dream of learning Mandarin!


3 responses to “Mango language learning

  1. Good tip-off. We’re going to soon be launching a service at that complements sites like Mango, LiveMocha, etc by making it more convenient and affordable to have a private language tutor. Please feel free to check it out!

  2. Thanks for the tip, H! I bookmarked the site for when I am finally motivated to get my Spanish back.

    Also, I love to keep up with what you are reading. Always helps me when I’m wandering around the library. (Not that our library actually HAS any of the books you mention…)

  3. Yeah, no problem, Shelley.

    I actually own a few of them … if you want to borrow something. 🙂

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