NWA library awarded

Great, exciting news about a library in my county: The Rogers (Arkansas) Public Library won an award for its collaborative project that will train bilingual teens to help elementary students learn English.

The first winners of the Light the Way: Outreach to the Underserved grant, sponsored by Candlewick Press and the Association for Library Service to Children’s Library Service to Special Population Children and their Caregivers Committee, have been announced. The grant honors Newberry Medalist and Geisel Honoree Kate DiCamillo and encourages innovative approaches to engaging traditionally underserved populations in libraries.

Winner: The Rogers Public Library in Rogers, Ark., for its project “Bilingual Teens as Teachers and Tutors,” a collaboration of the public library, elementary and secondary schools, local community college and community services. Americorps volunteers will train bilingual teens to serve as tutors and role models to elementary school students who need help learning English. Most of the Spanish-speaking children are from families of migrant workers who rarely use the public library. The Rogers Public Library will receive a grant of $5,000 as well as a complete Kate DiCamillo library and a signed print from Great Joy.

The quote is from Shelf Awareness (something I may need to subscribe to but saw for the first time today); I found it via Book Junkie.

I love this stuff!

(Psst! I checked, and I haven’t seen this in any of the local papers yet.)


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