Old media on death watch

Tech Crunch is predicting, based on results of a We Media/Zogby survey, that traditional paper media will be dead in 5-10 years.

I was unable to find several of the details about the survey I need to really comment on the findings. (One of my questions being, Was the survey conducted online?)

I don’t really struggle with the 5-10 year timeframe, though.


5 responses to “Old media on death watch

  1. Oh, I’ll struggle mightily with it. I NEED paper. I can read poetry and short stories online – news articles, even – but I NEED books. Can you imagine the joy and delight that will be lost if we no longer get to turn pages?

  2. Yeah, I really have a hard time believing that books will go away any time soon. Print newspapers disappearing is an easier sell, though. I certainly didn’t mean to imply here that I think books would disappear any time soon …

  3. Slightly unrelated: I’d like to see what you’re reading–join http://www.goodreads.com (my page is http://www.goodreads.com/profile/metrolingua) Feel free to add me 😀

  4. I think that the major chain newspapers will fold (ahem) but local rags will thrive when they do.

    The problem with newspapers, in my opinion, isn’t that digital media and tv is scooping them and making them irrelevant, it’s because the content is lacking.

    The future, in my opinion, is micro-newspapers. Local is the key.

    The smaller the circulation the better, exclusivity, cater the papers to the readers instead of trying to influence them to buy or vote the way the corporation that owns the paper prefers.

    Anyone can make a DIY newspaper with a pc and a laser copier, so, you are asking, why aren’t they doing it? perhaps they are, but not in your area yet!

  5. They aren’t doing that in this area. Just curious, what does the business model look like in that scenario?

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