Quick Reads

Via Shelf Awareness:

Quick Reads, a program designed for adults with literacy problems “is improving reading and boosting self-esteem,” according to the Guardian. Nine out of 10 of the people who have read the compact titles “told researchers their reading has improved and they feel better about themselves.”

A partnership “between publishers, booksellers, the government, and a range of bodies including the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (Niace) and the Trades Union Congress,” Quick Reads was launched two years ago. The 10 titles available “include books by bestselling fiction writers Adele Parks, Josephine Cox and Chris Ryan, and autobiographical accounts of winning out against the odds by the rugby player Scott Quinnell, the athlete Colin Jackson, and the master chef Gordon Ramsay.”

The books, generally written in the 20,000-word range, “are supposed to consist largely of one- and two-syllable words, short sentences and brief paragraphs. A new “batch of bite-sized books” will be released on World Book Day this Thursday.

[Editors’ note: sorry for not summing this up more quickly.]

Wow, this sounds like a fantastic idea. It’s great to see people from different parts of the industry working together to improve literacy for adults. I’ve heard that one of the big obstacles of teaching adults to read is that there’s so little available reading material that’s age appropriate and at a approachable reading level. This would certainly seem to fix that problem.

I’m just saddened that this is (apparently) only assisting the UK — I checked the site for store locations as well as plugging titles into Amazon — and the books aren’t available in the United States.

If segments of the industry can come together to help people learn to read, why can’t people come together across an ocean for the same cause?


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