Style guide and local library

I became in need of The Chicago Manual of Style this week, and I don’t own a copy.

We called the local library, to see if its shelves bore a copy of the style guide. The response: The Siloam Springs Public Library does have a copy of the style book — from 1993. I declined that offer, and promptly signed up for the 30-day free trial of the online version of the style book.

Next time, I’ll get out and buy a current copy of the book.


3 responses to “Style guide and local library

  1. Doesn’t this startle you? Shouldn’t the library have a current copy of EVERYTHING?! Apparently, no one checks these things out anymore.

    My personal bookshelves are stuffed with style guides, though I DON’T have the Chicago Manual. I do, however, have a Barnes and Nobel gift card burning a hole in my purse.

    You’ve been posting a lot lately – I LOVE it!!!

  2. I’m not sure Chicago has changed that much though. Has it?

  3. Trish, it may not have changed very much; but 15 years old is really too old to rely on, especially since I’m not very familiar with the guide.

    Mrs. Chili, unfortunately, it doesn’t startle me about this library. It’s small, and it’s missing many books I consider essentials, including some classics. I’m glad you’re enjoying the increasing frequency of my posts! 🙂 According to the research my husband did on my behalf, the Chicago Manual is less expensive online than at our local B&N. I’m really surprised you don’t have a Chicago Manual. For some reason I was sure you would.

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