How to spell or, word pet peeve

This website made me laugh. 🙂

It would seem that someone has such a strong aversion to definitely being misspelled that he or she created an entire, albeit simple, website dedicated to educating people about how definitely should be spelled.

My first thought: Who would spend the money and energy to set up such a site?

Regardless of that, however, some of you may find the site a useful tool when a friend seems to consistently stumble over the word.

Hope it gives you a laugh, too.


2 responses to “How to spell or, word pet peeve

  1. Have you ever seen this?

    I love the bit about “I make them spell – definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful – until they will NEVER misspell EITHER of those words AGAIN…”

    I love this guy…

  2. I’m one of those people who NEVER spells that word right. I try and try, but I think I have a brain block or something. Sort of like me and math. I am going to bookmark that site for future reference!:)

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