Book authors group: People will stop writing

The UK Society of Authors purports that internet book piracy will cause authors to stop writing.

Tracy Chevalier, chair of the writers association and author of Girl with a Pearl Earring, does have a better point when she references cookbooks and other types of books you “dip in and out of,” such as cookbooks, poetry and travel guides. It is easy to go online for a single recipe rather than seeking out a cookbook to purchase. However, I will still buy a cookbook full of recipes I like without thinking, hm, I could probably find this info online.

This seems absurd to me. Just as musicians must still make music, artists must still create, writers must write. Or at least that’s what I’m told. My husband certainly believes that no matter what (he’s not usually getting paid for his mixed-media sculptures yet), he’ll always be creating.

Other industries have faced the influence of the internet before now. The music industry did not handle the change well, but the musicians are hardly broke and begging (Heard of Radiohead, anyone?). The television and film industry addressed its writers getting paid for online distribution this winter.

Maybe the move to online books is happening more quickly in England than here.

Also, perhaps it’s because I’m naive, but I’m not aware of book piracy online; I’m certainly not aware of it being rampant.

I’ve written before about how e-books don’t yet quite work for me.

I was glad to read this response from TechCrunch: “While online content and E-Book readers are changing the book game, there will always be a market for books.” I agree, at least in the foreseeable future.

I just purchased a — hardcopy — book online: I chose the physical tome for my copy of the Chicago Manual of Style rather than paying for the searchable online version.

[TechCrunch referenced an article in the Times.]


2 responses to “Book authors group: People will stop writing

  1. Oh, I completely agree with you. Books – physical page-and-cover books – will NEVER be passe. I hate reading extended volumes on my computer – there’s nothing like holding a book in one’s hands and turning pages.

    If anything, the internet has caused me to write MORE. I think that a lot of people are inspired to write online who wouldn’t write otherwise. I wonder why that wasn’t addressed in the Society’s meeting…

  2. Yep! I agree as well. I would NEVER rather read a novel on my computer. But I do trow(thought I’d try out your word discovery-teehee) if the technology caught on, I would be all over listening to entire books on my i-pod. I do so love being read to whilst doing my dishes or putting away a dreadfully dull pile of laundry. 🙂

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