Van crashes into B&N

A minivan crashed into the O Street Barnes & Noble in Lincoln, Nebraska, Saturday.

From Shelf Awareness and the Lincoln Journal Star. Two or three customers sustained minor injuries, per the newspaper, which also had a photo of the scene. The van came to rest in the magazine racks. Shelf Awareness cited an Omaha, Nebraska, television station with the news.

I’m not sure why it’s interesting, but cars crashing into buildings is interesting to me.

Side note: It appears that the Journal Star article was posted online the same day as the accident, about 2 hours after the collision. That’s not a bad turnaround for old, dead, print media.


4 responses to “Van crashes into B&N

  1. I know where those magazine racks are *wink*

    What is it with old people mixing up the gas and brake these days???

  2. A cop car lost control in a high speed chase and went through our neighbor’s apt. in Fayetteville about 8 years ago. How’s that for exciting? The car pinned the two occupants, who were watching tv, up against the wall. Broke their legs.

  3. Yikes! That’s a bit more scary.

  4. Jeeze, I was just at mine with my book club the other night, we had a great time, no one got run over:)

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