Kristin Lavransdatter II: The Mistress of Husaby by Sigrid Undset

I quickly moved on to the second volume of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy, and I finished it speedily. This volume is 100 pages longer than the first volume, but I read it in fewer days. That’s not to say that I think the first book was bad, or moved slowly, however. It just took a bit for me to get accustomed to the language and acquainted with the characters.

I really enjoy learning my history from fiction. I’ve found that it’s easier to learn the facts and dates when they’re associated with a story. I remain mindful that authors may have taken some liberties with the facts, but all history is viewed through a lens of some sort.

This volume contains a good dose of history, history of an area and era which I hadn’t really studied before: Magnus VII was king of Norway and Sweden for quite a while, being given the crown while he was about 3 years (or winters, as the book would say) old.

I mentioned the translation last time, but I want to add here: I’ve quite enjoyed the language in these books. It helps set the scene.

I’ve already begun reading the third volume, The Cross; I couldn’t wait!


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