Another book list

While visiting my sister last week, a friend of hers mentioned that she’s choosing the books she reads from Rory’s Book Club.

I didn’t know what she meant, but I looked it up later. What I found: this. It’s a list of books that the WB published on its website to go along with the seven-season show Gilmore Girls. I’m a fan of the fast-talking show — the writing is witty and peppered with literary and pop-culture references and the characters are quite fun.

They’re titles that bookworm character Rory Gilmore “might read.” Since the show’s cancellation, the list has been moved to its current location. The list contains both classics and contemporary literature.

Looks like a good list!


3 responses to “Another book list

  1. I liked the Gilmore Girls an awful lost. I stopped watching (for reasons I’m not quite sure I remember – it may have been because my daughters were getting older and some of the conversations were a little too much for them to comprehend (of for me to explain), but the fact remains that after Rory slept with a married Dean, I dropped out.

    I’m off to check the list, though – she always had a great book in her bag!

  2. The earlier seasons were definitely better than the later seasons. Certainly the characters made some bad choices along the way; I appreciated, though, that at least such decisions weren’t declared OK by the show.

  3. That’s great! I really liked the show and I love that they have a list of books she might possibly read. 🙂

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