Books on Broadway

The new bookstore downtown, which I wrote about last week, is supposed to have its “soft opening” today, from what I’ve heard. The building still had no signage, though, when I drove by last night. The official grand opening (complete with ribbon cutting) is slated for Thursday, April 24.

I went down Friday after posting here and helped organize a few shelves. What a task! It was fun, though. While I was there, I heard a few tidbits:
• Tentative, initial hours: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is dependent upon traffic, however; if no one comes in until 9:30 a.m., consistently, why open at 8 a.m.?
• I think it’s Trish Houston’s venture, although she’s certainly not in it alone.
• Something about having a credit system, if a customer brings in books to sell, that customer will in turn receive some sort of credit toward books to buy. I’m not sure what the system is, though.

I guess I hurried my previous post, because I apparently omitted several things I meant to write.

I’m excited about this bookstore for a number of reasons:
• Books are good, and thus bookstores are good;
• The addition of a retail shop; should help downtown; and
• It’s not affiliated with any chain, and I’m all for independent businesses.

Here’s its website again.


2 responses to “Books on Broadway

  1. It’s refreshing to see locals opening up bookstores. We have one near here that is selling new and used books; she has several local craftsmen and artists’ ware on display as well. It gives it a very nice browsing atmosphere.

    I also saw your comment on Chili’s site about adding Orson Scott Card to your reading list. I have read many of his works. He can run hot or cold! I would recommend Ender’s Game as the first read. It is his most acclaimed work and one of my favorite. Enchantment, which we are reading for the Dark and Stormy book club, is very different; but, still fun and still showcases Card’s talent in well-developed characters.

  2. Thanks! I had been hearing about Ender’s Game quite a bit recently, and probably will try to start with that.

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