World Book Day

Actually, today’s World Book and Copyright Day, but it’s worth commemorating nonetheless.

It seems UNESCO organized the commemoration, which was first celebrated in 1995. UNESCO chose April 23 based on a feast day in Spain, which was related to books, and the apparently coinciding anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth and death.

I find it strange that World Book Day is celebrated nearly two months earlier in the UK, on March 6. It’s apparently because that part of the world already had a somewhat established celebration of books, before World Book Day was created. This makes sense.

OK! World Book and Copyright Day! Now what? Although the day has been recognized for well over a decade, it seems that not much happens. It doesn’t have much renown. This is sad.

Per the UNESCO website, there’s a convention of independent publishers meeting today and UNESCO itself is “launching” six children’s books at a museum in Indonesia. That’s it. Maybe there are more low-key events happening in elementary schools and the like across this country. I hope so.

Last month I wrote about the UK’s Quick Reads program; that was part of what they call World Book Day. Too bad no such initiative exists here.

Copyright is a big deal. I’ve drafted so many posts about it here, but I don’t want to rush writing anything about it. It’s more important than that.

So, how should we commemorate World Book and Copyright Day? Any ideas? It may be too late for this year, but we should start planning for next year.


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