50 best cult books

Or: Another book list

The Telegraph published a list today of the 50 best cult books.

The comments section is nearly as interesting as the article itself. Readers are arguing that certain omitted titles belong on the list, finding fault with the brief one-paragraph reviews, and pointing out flaws in the chosen works. It’s humorous.

I’m not sure why I find cult classics interesting, but I do. Maybe a year ago, I went through the list of cult classics on Netflix, adding nearly all the ones I hadn’t seen to the queue. Now, clearly, many of these aren’t good films in their own right. I suppose I like to know what has so deeply influenced my culture, know where so many of those pop culture references and quotes that have made their way into common speech come from. I certainly won’t be moving this list of books to the top of my reading list, but I can’t deny a certain draw.

It’s also amusing that although the group came together and created such a list, they (tried and) failed to define “cult book.”

I found the article, naturally, via Shelf Awareness.

EDIT: Ack! My link went somewhere totally different. Fixed.


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