I’m participating in a read-a-thon at the end of June, and I’m excited about it. Twenty-four hours of reading bliss! 🙂 Wanna join? Some participants are also seeking sponsors for their efforts, with the proceeds benefiting Reading is Fundamental, an organization that provides books to children, promoting literacy. Even if you don’t want to read for 24 hours, it’s worth checking out. There are spots for readers and cheerleaders.

See here for information about the read-a-thon, hosted by Dewey. For me, in the central timezone, the read-a-thon starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 28.

I plan on staying up the entire 24 hours and reading; in preparation for the event, I’m helping Dewey organize prizes and their donors. I’ll also be posting frequently during the marathon reading event.

I’m also starting to think of what books I should have on hand to read — any ideas?


7 responses to “Read-a-thon!

  1. There is no CONCEIVABLE way that I could do this. For as much as I LOVE to read, and for as much as the idea of spending an entire 24 hours doing nothing BUT reading, I’d fall asleep ’round about 10:00. I’m such a wimp when it comes to staying up – I’d never make it, and then I’d feel guilty. I’m not interested in inviting more guilt to my life, but I’ll certainly participate as a sponsor!

  2. 🙂 I haven’t pulled an all-nighter for many years now, but this is at least for a good cause.

  3. I suggest something VERY light for the end when you’re giddy! I keep thinking I should give Janet Evanovich another try. I read a few of her mysteries, and then found they seemed all the same. But they sure made me laugh! And I think picking up that Stephanie Plum series again would give me a huge fit of the giggles if I were sleep deprived.

  4. Also, Mrs Chili is more than welcome to participate just until 10pm. 🙂

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