Ted Dekker marathon

After being immersed in books from the list, I took a break and read some Ted Dekker.

Having read the first in The Circle trilogy (Black) last year, I was eager to complete the trilogy. The timing was also good since I knew I’d be traveling, and would enjoy some light fare.

I enjoyed Red and White (categorized as science fiction and fantasy by Amazon and as suspense on the back cover), but I wasn’t terribly engrossed in them like I expected to be. Fun reads, but not impressive on a deeper level, or something. I do like the story, though. The first book, which I read last year, I think I finished in a day or so. These volumes I was able to walk away from. Still worthwhile reads, and they did serve the purpose I set for them, a relatively breezy break from heavier tomes.

I also read Dekker’s Thr3e.

This book and its premise was intriguing. It was made into a 2006 movie, but I haven’t seen the film. I was interested in how it addressed mental health (or illness). This book had a small tinge of sadness that I wasn’t expecting. Again, it was an enjoyable read, though; not too sad.


6 responses to “Ted Dekker marathon

  1. what ted dekker’s book should i read first?. or did you just read does the trilogy and “three” only?

  2. Yeah, I’ve only read the Circle trilogy and Three. I’ve heard really good things about a couple other of his books, but I can’t remember which titles they were. Of what I read, I did really enjoy Black.

  3. His Blink is also very good.

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  5. I’ve read the Circle Trilogy and nearly all of Dekker’s other titles, and must say that every one has been incredibly hard to put down….

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