Hard-to-find books

I was going through the Image Journal book list, adding them one at a time to my Amazon wish list, and I discovered that several of them are out of print. Nearly all of them are able to be purchased at Amazon.com, but some are only available used, for several times the books’ original price — a paperback for $95, for instance. Sigh.

I went back to the Image Journal site, and found that it said all the titles could be bought through Eighth Day Books. I went there, and started searching, but my work was unrewarded. The difficult-to-find tomes were unavailable there.

I’ve also done a simple Google search for most of the missing titles, but that has fared about the same.

Oh, and I also added my Amazon wish list to BookMooch, to see if I could get them there. So far, no luck on the hard-to-find titles.

Here’s one that’s just plain not available:
The Satin Slipper by Paul Claudel.

Here are the ones that seem to be problematic:
Collected Poems by John Heath Stubbs. Amazon, at the moment, says there are 2 available from alternate sellers, starting at $139.78.
The Mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc by Charles Peguy. For this one, Amazon knows of 6 available, starting at the low, low price of $74.29.
The Complete Poems of Edwin Muir. (My searching turned up a volume edited by Peter Butter.) Amazon has 2 available today, with a low price of $143.72.
The Residual Years: Poems 1934-1948 by William Everson. Two available, starting at $95.31.

On the less worrisome end of the spectrum, there are titles such as these:
Anathemata by David Jones. Amazon shows 6 available, starting at a much more reasonable $24.
The Woman Who Was Poor by Leon Bloy. The all-knowing Amazon shows 6 available, starting at $45, which is still pretty high for one book.
Selected Poems, 1954-1992 by George Mackay Brown. Ooh, there are 7 of these, starting at $49.89.
The Veritable Years: Poems 1949-1966 by William Everson. There are two copies of this one, starting at $39.95. The thing is, this is just one half of one of the 100 items listed. See above bulleted item, also by William Everson.

I plan to keep my eyes peeled, and I need to pen the list to keep in my purse for when I happen upon a used book store. I gave the partial list (that I’ve found thus far) to my sister a few states away, for her to look for at the library sale, but that did not yield any of the needed titles. I don’t have high hopes, though, at least about what I’ll find locally. How do you handle this situation?

ETA: I found two of these, reasonably priced, and ordered them immediately from AbeBooks; I’ve crossed them out on the list above.


3 responses to “Hard-to-find books

  1. Try abebooks or ex libris. Those sites are the best for hard-to-finds.

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