Online book trading

I recently joined BookMooch, after much deliberation and wringing of hands. (I don’t think teeth-gnashing was involved, though, thankfully.) What seems like a myriad of successful trading options exist online — such as PaperbackSwap, and I had a hard time choosing. BookCrossing is a bit different from the others, with an intriguing take on the situation. On this site, you register the books you want to give away, and then leave each lying around in public. Someone else can pick it up, and register that it’s moved on. Seems fun, kind of like geocaching, but I didn’t think it would work very well in my small town.

I resisted them all for quite awhile, since when I initially perused any site I heard of for books I might want to receive, I couldn’t find the titles I sought. I felt like, since I don’t read/own mostly bestseller paperbacks, I was out of luck.

I finally joined BookMooch a few weeks ago after reading about it on a few different book blogs.

You just sign up, add a few titles from your shelves that you’re willing to part with, search for books you want to read, maybe import your Amazon wishlist, and you’re set! I do feel like BookMooch has a good range of books (even some textbooks), and I’ve succeeded in nabbing several titles from my list.

At one of those aforementioned book blogs, Dewey recently wrote a post giving good advice about BookMooch etiquette.

Are you part of one of these sites? If so, why did you choose it? If not, why have you stayed away?


2 responses to “Online book trading

  1. I signed up and paid to do the BOokCrossing thing and have barely gotten into it. Then it seemed odd to just leave book laying about. SO that was NOT a good idea on my part. which is why I’ve resisted Bookmooch – just because I’m hesitant to sign up for anything right now! Great post idea.

  2. Yep, I’ve really enjoyed BookMooch so far.

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