For the last 40 minutes or so, I’ve been enjoying the birds’ song and the ever-lightening sky. Then, when I stood up and got a better glimpse out the window: Fog. That heavy beautiful fog, that seems so foreign to summer.

We’ve made it through the night! Hope springs anew.


5 responses to “Dawn

  1. Congratulations on making it through the night!

  2. Yippee! only a few hours to go – you can do it!

  3. I had the exact same reaction to dawn, lol. And guess what? We’re in the home stretch!! *happy dance*

  4. You did great getting through the night! I am sure you will be able to make it to the end, just a couple more hours to go!

    I find dawn such a special moment of the day, with the birds singing, the sky getting lighter. Too bad it is so d*** early! 😉

  5. Yes, we are, Eva! 🙂

    Myrthe — I rarely, rarely see dawn. I’m mostly OK with that, but it was nice to see today!

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