I knew I should go there

I’ve got so many posts to write, that I want and need to write (some are even drafted already), but this is all I can muster. I’m quite busy, still, with this editing project. Have a good week!

From today’s Shelf Awareness:

Calling Asheville, N.C., “a book lover’s paradise,” the Citizen-Times profiled several local bookshops–the Captain’s Bookshelf, Malaprop’s, Once Upon a Time, Accent on Books, Barnes & Noble and the Reader’s Corner.

“We are lucky in Asheville,” said Chan Gordon, co-owner of the Captain’s Bookshelf. “We are an art destination and the prevalence of bookstores here goes hand in hand with the notable artists. When we opened [in 1976], there were tumbleweeds blowing down Haywood Street. We have become a destination simply because we’ve been around so long. In many ways, we are fueled by the book-minded tourist coming from Charlotte, Atlanta, Knoxville, even Washington, D.C.”

“Asheville is unusual from what I hear from other booksellers across the Southeast,” said Linda Barrett Knopp, general manager of Malaprop’s Bookstore. “Our sales are up, and Asheville’s local economy seems pretty healthy. People are very supportive of us.”

Considering the number of independent bookstores located in the city, Stan Collins of Once Upon a Time bookstore suggested that “Asheville may be unique. People are really committed and dedicated readers have a tendency to patronize us independents. They know when they come into an independent store, that the people there really know the books.”

I’ve always known I would like Asheville (to visit, anyway) — although the rumored humidity and bugs might impact the best time for the trip. In addition to art and majestic views, they’ve got books!?!! 🙂


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