Reading style

I’ve always been a monogamous reader: One book at a time, until it’s finished. And I always read all the way to the end, even if I’m not in love with the book. While knitting projects may languish, partly finished, a book rarely sits around partially read.

Sure, there have been exceptions; I started a book before the read-a-thon, but I knew that I wanted to start a new book for the event. I didn’t intend to finish the one ahead of time. I finally picked it up again yesterday, refreshed myself on what I’d already perused, and read on. There have been a few other times when I’ve been in the middle of a book, got another, exciting book, and let the first waste away while I forged through the second. Maybe once I was even in the midst of three at once, but I certainly wasn’t reading all three at the same time.

I’ve been wondering, though, over the past month or so, if it might behoove me to have two books going at once. I could be reading a book from the list that I’m determined to make it through and a book for fun. The part of me that’s hesitating about trying this remembers how stressed I felt about having books I’d started just sitting there forlornly while I read something else. I don’t want to add stress to my days.

Obviously, I don’t know if it would work. If I knew, one way or the other, I wouldn’t be debating.

The thing is, I have so many list books on my shelves at the moment, waiting to be read, thanks to BookMooch. Pretty soon I’d have to go to the library to find the for fun books to read alongside. Not that going to the library is a problem, but it feels weird to venture to the house of books when I’m already reading something.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m in limbo — I restarted my list book, and I really want to pick up this for-fun (but not really just fun) book, but I don’t want to … I don’t know what I don’t want to do. Alas. Suggestions? Ideas?


One response to “Reading style

  1. BOOK dilemmas! Having too many books actually shuts me down and drives me to do anything but read. I think, for me, I just need to remind myself that I love to read and it doesn’t matter what, when or how many books I complete. JUST READ. and I enjoy the random book that demands to be read ‘next’. I try to have a plan but I also need to know I don’t have to stick to it.

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