Till We Meet Again by Penelope Stokes

I finished this second in Penelope Stokes’ Faith on the Home Front trilogy, Till We Meet Again, last night.

I read the first in the series, Home Fires Burning, more than a year ago. I think once I finish the final installment of this trilogy, Remembering You (which is sitting on my coffee table as we speak), I’ll have read all of Stokes’s fiction.

This series is best read in order.

I’ve enjoyed reading the series, including this book. They’re fun, light-hearted reads, for the most part. This series is set during World War II, and the war is certainly part of the story. There was one bad typo, uncharacteristic of the Stokes books I’ve read before: A character named Aumundson all throughout, near the end is labeled Anderson. I almost didn’t know who she was talking about! But the wife’s name and occupation was the same, and if it isn’t this couple, it wouldn’t make sense for “Anderson” to be there. Sigh.

There’s no way to compare this to some of the high literature I’ve read in the past year. I enjoy reading both types of books. That’s not to say this isn’t a quality book, because it is. I just find it a bit cheesy, looking back. I love happy endings, though!

I still can’t decide if next I’ll try to get back into a book from the list or if I’ll allow myself another choice. Maybe I’ll try to do both? I’ve always been a one-book-at-a-time reader, but maybe it’s time to put my toe in the polyandrous waters.

Regardless, my next read will not be by Stokes. I think I’ll wait a bit before finishing the series.


4 responses to “Till We Meet Again by Penelope Stokes

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  4. Oladimeji Olayinka

    I’ve read all d books in trilogy. Home fires burnin, which reveal libba nd her luv link. Hw her father tried nt 2 let d fire of her luv wit link burn. Bt wen her father died, we were made 2 undastand dat her mum knew about it all dis while nd she later encouraged d luv. Also we av till we meet again nd also, rememberin u. Great books. Thumbs up penlope!

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