Movie: Brideshead Revisited revisited

Via Shelf Awareness: Brideshead Revisited, starring Emma Thompson and Michael Gambon, opens this Friday, July 25. Julian Jarrold directs this story of Charles Ryder, a captain stationed at Brideshead Castle during World War II, who remembers a distant, different time when he was a guest at Brideshead—this version focuses on his relationship with Julia Flyte. The movie tie-in book edition will be available the day before, Thursday, June 24. The book was made into a successful TV miniseries in 1981 that starred Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews.

The official trailer:

I don’t need a new edition of the book (I requested mine from a BookMooch user in Malaysia, the only copy to be found on BookMooch at the time); however, I think it’s high time they released a tie-in edition of the book: I tried to find this book at brick-and-mortar store earlier this year, and it couldn’t be found, new or used. I was surprised by this since I was aware the movie was coming out this month. I’m not familiar with the eponymous television miniseries.

I’m planning to try out my new theory (I didn’t invent it, though; I borrowed it from a friend. It’s just new to me.) of watching the movie before I read the book, at least if I’ve got a choice — sometimes I read the book well before there’s news a movie is in the works — and if I want to enjoy or even watch the movie. (I thought I’d mentioned this theory/plan here before, but I can’t find it at the moment.)

The book is on the list of 20th century works I’m making my way through.

So far the film has a pretty good rating at Rotten Tomatoes.
The movie’s website.

I’m excited to see it (and read the book, too)!


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