Avid readers’ ways of operating and more

A short collection of items for your perusal and enjoyment:

• How do avid readers find their next book? At So Many Books, Stefanie wrote about an academic study that confirms much of what we readers know about ourselves. Oh, and it says we learn through recreational reading. Yes, we knew that too, didn’t we? 🙂 Post found via Susan at You Can Never Have Too Many Books.

• Via today’s Shelf Awareness: A book club for adults with intellectual disabilities. Books for Dessert. So cool. It’s expanding, too. Oh, and there’s a similar program started at Ohio State University, Next Chapter Book Club. This makes me happy.

• In Ravenna, Ohio, [NPR, where I found the story, inexplicably got the town and state wrong?] Reed Memorial Library will let you check out a cake pan. They have more than 300 pans in inventory. They found the story (part of a “viral” segment) at Pop Goes the Library. Apparently other libraries do this too, now. I think I might have to add this blog to my feed reader.

• Also on NPR on Saturday morning, was a story about Norman Mailer’s book editor, at least I think so. But I can’t find it, to listen to it (I was just told about it, after the fact.). Can anyone point me in the direction of this archive?


6 responses to “Avid readers’ ways of operating and more

  1. Link to the story about Mailer’s editor: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93218227. Guess the story wasn’t exactly about Mailer, titling wasn’t obvious.

  2. Thanks, off to check it out.

  3. I’ve had to choose the latest installment of our book club and I was forever trolling amazon and then review sites and then, I started reading sample pages until I found something that jived with the kinds of words and word choices I had anticipated sampling. I am just starting it properly – it’s The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff – but loving it. I have had a dry reading spell lately and intend to make up for it most aggressively…

  4. Very interesting stuff . . .
    by the way, your guest reviewing title is posted on my site now – http://www.andilit.com. Thanks for offering. Send me your address, and I”ll post the book asap.

  5. O’Mama — that’s a lot of pressure, choosing a book you haven’t read for a book club. Glad you found one you’re enjoying!

    Andi — Great, I sent you an email!

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