Coffee and books bright idea

First there was a small coffee counter in the corner of the big bookstore. Then, we found a certain book title for sale at the small (in square footage but massive chain-wise) coffee house. But now, Starbucks (Germany) offers another idea for combining these two loves:

Here’s a different kind of Starbucks book promotion, one that will take place September 17-October 7 in selected Starbucks in Germany, as reported by the Schweizer Buchhandel (Swiss Bookselling) newsletter [This site appears to be in German, so unfortunately I couldn’t confirm what’s quoted here nor add to it.].

In cooperation with Zurich’s Diogenes publishing house (think Knopf or Farrar, Straus & Giroux), Starbucks is putting on a Mystery Festival Coffee & Crime program that consists of 11 readings in nine cities featuring six mystery authors and an audiobook narrator (reading Georges Simenon books). Another 125 German Starbucks will feature a “reference library” of works by the authors and information about the readings. Another display offers excerpts and advises customers that books by the authors are available in bookstores. At the readings, book sales will be handled by local bookstores; Starbucks is not selling any of the Diogenes titles.

The partners are also putting on a lottery in all German Starbucks—prizes consist of books and coffee.

Sounds like fun!

Via Shelf Awareness.


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