Reading for Darfur campaign

Natasha at Maw Books is holding a Reading for Darfur campaign throughout September to raise awareness and funds to save Darfur.

So what exactly is Reading for Darfur? During September every book I read, every post I write, every comment left on this blog, and every book that you read about Darfur will make a difference. How? The difference will be you. This won’t work if I’m doing it all by myself. So I ask for everybody to get involved. There are a lot of different levels on which you can do just that, so choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.

Here’s her first video post about the campaign, along with all the nitty-gritty, what-am-I-getting-myself-into details about getting involved.

This is so important. You’ll probably see at least one more post about this campaign in this space — I plan to view and post about the Darfur documentary (The Devil Came on Horseback) that’s here, just waiting for me to watch it. And really, it’s just that simple to get involved in Natasha’s effort. She’s donating money for everyone who reads/views any of these Darfur pieces (who lets her know about it, of course), and she’s adding to that donation if the reader posts about it on their blog.


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