Mrs Chili, of the many blogs, started yet another blog, this time as a place for several people to talk about movies. I’m one of the contributors, although I haven’t posted yet — I still haven’t gotten back into a post-Olympics rhythm. The site has an eclectic set of viewpoints and contributors. I’ve thought of posting about movies, but didn’t really want to open and maintain another blog (not doing that great with all the ones I already have), and didn’t really want to post about them all the time here, either. This is a perfect solution so far. Please Pass the Popcorn!

• I don’t remember where I found this blog, but I’m quite enjoying having it in my feed reader. First Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started is just that. I’ve found it encouraging, and fun to read.

• Looking for new (mostly book) blogs to read? Check out this huge list at My Friend Amy’s. Plus, there’s still time to vote for your favorites!


3 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Thanks for the plug! It’s turning out to be a fun site – some of our contributors are really into it!

    DON’T give me more blogs to read! I can’t keep up with my life as it is! GAH!

  2. I’ve noticed! 🙂

    😉 hee hee hee!

  3. Hey Word Lily! I would love to email you about our Weekly Geek interview… but I can’t find an email for you either! 🙂 (Probably I’m just being majorly blind.) So now I’ll wait to hear back from you!

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