Write on Wednesday: State of mind

I’ve been following Write on Wednesday for months now, since I subscribed to more than a few blogs that participate. I finally clicked on the link a week or two ago, and now I’m taking the plunge — this week’s question really resonated with me.

The question: “What’s your writing state of mind these days? How do you access that ‘mysterious faculty’ where insight and imagination are nurtured? How do your instincts about your writing ability help you? What’s your experience of being in ‘the writing zone’?”

I don’t have a writing practice at this point. As much as I don’t like that, or like admitting that, it’s the truth.

Still, I do get that sense, as Becca relates it, “I’ve felt the urge to write quite often during the middle of these hectic days. You know what I mean — ideas popping into your head unbidden, like gifts you can’t wait to open, tickling your brain and leaving your fingers itching to pick up a pencil.” Well, in my case it’s not a pencil, it’s to get to the computer.

This happens at, what seems to me, random times. Last week, it was just before bedtime, when I was picking up a new book and examining it, getting a feel for it, so it wouldn’t be such an unfamiliar book to start reading on the morrow. I wish I could will myself into that place, that mindset, where I long to write.

I like what Andi wrote about in her answer, inextricably binding silence and meditation — or more accurately, solitude — to that writing state. It sounds great.


4 responses to “Write on Wednesday: State of mind

  1. i think one of the most fascinating things about blogging,, is finding out how many other people are literally obsessed with writing … i never knew such a number of writers existed,, as to “show off” your work in person usually equates to digging for compliments,, which i find distasteful…

    what a pleasure it has been to meet and get to know writers of every genre, from all over the globe,, and know,, in our quiet moments,, our hearts desire is very much the same….

    it was a pleasure meeting you …

  2. Thanks, Paisley, you too!

  3. Wordlily, so lovely to meet you, and thank you for sharing your thoughts in Write On Wednesday.

    Although you wrote that you “don’t have a writing practice at this point,” I think you do, because I’ve been reading your blog which is a lovely testament to the practice you’re developing.

    I think all of us who write “wish we could will ourselves into that mindset” where the ideas are flowing. Perhaps it’s not so much a matter of “will” but of putting ourselves in the right situation that allows the imagination to work…perhaps it’s silence of the soul, as Andi wrote so beautifully about.

    Lovely post! Thank you joining in!

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