Best of WordLily (so far)

Today for BBAW (that’s Book Bloggers Appreciation Week for the uninitiated) we’re being asked to share some of our best posts from the past.

I thought, sure, I can do that!

Grace triumphs over grammar policing This one’s not a book review, but it’s been a great post — from the early days, March 2007.
Cloudstreet I’m always working to improve my reviews, but I think I got it right on this one from June.
A couple more reviews for good measure?
Kristin Lavransdatter I II and III
Maisie Dobbs

So there you have it. Feel free to find flaws if you want, but be sure to tell me about them, if you do!


3 responses to “Best of WordLily (so far)

  1. Lily, you inspire me! I’ve scoured my own archives and come up with a few posts that I feel represent who I am as a writer and a person – the post will be up on Saturday. THANK YOU!

  2. You bet! It’s kind of fun to dig through the archives, isn’t it? And I look forward to reading your post.

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