Banned Books Week starts today

I’m not terribly familiar with Banned Books Week (I haven’t participated and/or promoted it before, exactly), but I’m all for it. What a great thing. We need reminders that our freedoms are not givens. Just because we may not know or understand life without these freedoms doesn’t mean we should ignore these freedoms. Others in this same world we live in don’t have such blessings.

The lists of frequently challenged books are interesting, particularly the ones from past decades. The lists certainly contain some titles I don’t want to read, but they also include some important works. (Why do books that worry about books being banned end up getting banned?)

Jen at Devourer of Books collected some posters for your enjoyment.

Take a look. Read a banned book. Maybe I’ll finally get around to reading Fahrenheit 451. (My local public library doesn’t have it.)


One response to “Banned Books Week starts today

  1. Thanks for the link to the list. I’m shocked by some of the books on it.

    The posters Jen posted are great.

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