Read-a-thon, update the 2nd (during hour 11)

I decided to take Kim up on her challenge; I needed to stand up, and getting some fresh air was quite nice, too!

I walked around my backyard, stretching and looking at some distance farther than from the chair to my computer screen. Ah, relief! Here’s an example of how far we in my corner of the world are in terms of fall color.

Not all that far yet.

I’m still working on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (#4) — I haven’t picked it up since I posted here last, though! I’ve been busy with things over at Hidden Side of the Leaf. That’s OK, though, my turn is nearly done now, and I look forward to reading, perhaps even on the couch.


One response to “Read-a-thon, update the 2nd (during hour 11)

  1. Simple beautiful! I love pictures of Fall leaves. Great job today. Thanks for playing along. 🙂
    *smiles and cheers*
    (page after page)

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