Sample ballots

Go to my most recent post for the most updated voter information, please!

I’ve have a several people finding my blog recently who’ve been searching for voter information for Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I’ve been looking for sample ballots online myself, and when I couldn’t find them anywhere, I finally emailed the County Clerk for Benton County this morning, and now? Lo and behold, the links to sample ballots at the county’s website now go to actual information for this November 4 election.

This page lists precincts and polling sites, with sample ballots for each being small links in between. Be aware, most precincts have more than one ballot, so look at all of them for your precinct.

For instance, here are the two sample ballots for my precinct, 08.

Whether you live in Siloam Springs or not, I urge you to do your civic duty: Vote.

ETA: The sample ballots don’t look exactly right — a few things are on both of my ballots — but they are from an official source, and they don’t conflict with each other.


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