Election day info

I wrote recently linking to the Benton County, Arkansas website and its sample ballots for today. I was offering information so people could be prepared as they walked into polling booths today.

I’ve just learned, however, that the source I leaned on, the source I depended on, the official source, got it wrong. They’ve got two links to sample ballots, alright, but they’re identical. They, thus, lack a link to the second page of the ballot. Which contains a mixture of local and state ballot issues.

Including (but not limited to):
• State lottery
• Adoption/foster parent rules

Some information on these two.

I would link for you to the website of the local newspaper, which carried all the requisite sample ballots in its print edition, but much of its content remains unavailable online, including this.

Update: The county newspaper’s got them online (which, incidently, you can’t get delivered in this corner of the county).


3 responses to “Election day info

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  2. Vote “No!” on the tax on stupid people :p

  3. Oh the joys of living in rural-ness! I feel your pain!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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