Weekly Geeks 27: Remembering Dewey

wg1readathonbutton-stackAs Becky suggested, I’m paying tribute to Dewey today. Although I only participated in her Weekly Geeks once, I feel welcome to participate in this.

I know Dewey mostly through my participation in and helping with the 24-hour read-a-thon, both in June and in October of this year. We emailed back and forth, we chatted in Gtalk, we shared Google Docs, we traded cell phone numbers — and during this last read-a-thon, she left me a voicemail when it was time for my next shift to start. We talked about a lot more than the task at hand, though.

We talked about books (go figure). We talked about knitting. She told me she was in pain. She told me to read Maus and Maus II. She suggested my husband and I should move to the Southwest. We talked about the future.

She believed in community, and that’s at least part of why she spent so much energy on things like Weekly Geeks and the read-a-thons. “My favorite part was seeing members of the book blogs community connecting in a new ways,” she said in a read-a-thon post in June.

I plan to complete the reading assignment she gave me (above), reading my first graphic novels.


One response to “Weekly Geeks 27: Remembering Dewey

  1. I remember her leaving the voice mail. I’m going to miss her. Also..I picked up Maus because of her, too.

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