Weekend linkage

A couple brief snippets for you today.

Author Ted Dekker talks, in a recent blog post, about why his new suspense novel, BoneMan’s Daughter (set to be released in April 2009), is the first of his books to not sport the Christian Fiction label. The title of his post? The Challenge of being Gay. It’s a worthwhile read, if you care about this subject (I do). The comments have quite the discussion going on, too, and he’s got a poll where you can succinctly express your opinion (after reading the post, of course!).

Secondly, The Curator lists Top Ten Reasons Real Books Are Better than eBooks. One of my favorites from the list: No. 5. You’d look silly burying your head in your iPhone. (‘Course, I might not agree with this particular item as much if I was the owner of an iPhone …)

I’ve got some great posts simmering for the near future (including wrap-up stuff from 2008), but hopefully this tides you over for a bit.

Happy weekend!


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