Booking Through Thursday: Inspiration for reading

btt2Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is: Since “Inspiration” is (or should be) the theme this week, what is your reading inspired by? (Yikes, I just noticed, it’s been a few weeks since I participated here.)

I’m kind of stumped by this question, at least initially. I read because I love reading. I read because it’s relaxing, and fun. It’s an adventure. And, I learn while I’m doing it. Being transported to another world? What’s not to love?

Sometimes reading is a challenge, too — whether that’s a reading challenge I set for myself, or, well, let’s face it, some books are just downright challenging.

So, what’s your inspiration for reading?


4 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Inspiration for reading

  1. I was a little stumped too! But cone read my answer all the same.

  2. Spot on! What’s not to love? Happy BTT.

  3. Nice Post! Happy Thursday!:-)

  4. I read for the same reasons!! 🙂

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