A Common Life by Jan Karon

common-lifeA Common Life: The Wedding Story by Jan Karon (2001), 186 pages

My internet was down quite a bit last week, so I didn’t make the hoped-for progress on getting reviews posted. I’m forcing myself to get all the 2008 reads up before months-end, though. This review (I read this right around Christmas) is a step in that direction.

Book 6 in the Mitford Years series, this book goes back in time to tell the story of Father Tim’s wedding, beginning with the proposal and engagement and continuing through the honeymoon.

The short novel is so sweet, so happy — I think I may have cried tears of happiness over this book’s pages. Not so much sweet as to be syrupy, though. I thought it was just right. Lovely. I only wish it was longer.

My reviews of the previous books in the series:

1. At Home in Mitford
2. A Light in the Window
3. These High, Green Hills
4. Out to Canaan
5. A New Song

The Mitford books website.


6 responses to “A Common Life by Jan Karon

  1. I enjoyed all of the Mitford books – they make you yearn for simpler times.

  2. Indeed they do. I’ve certainly enjoyed them all so far!

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