Iced tree

In front of the house two doors down from mine:


It’s been sleeting/raining/icing/freezing-raining for about 24 hours now, and the forecast holds more of the same (with some chance of snow thrown in on top) through the night. Across town, friends’ power has been out, and back up. We’re still waiting for ours to more than flicker. Walking outside, you hear the ice creaking and the near-constant limb-breakage. The ice on the grass is nearly thick enough it doesn’t crunch when you walk on it. Arkansas, along with neighboring Oklahoma and Missouri, has declared a state of emergency.

Yesterday, it was forecasted that the entire region would be without power. At the time, I was somewhat incredulous. Now, just waiting. And rather than pondering whether we’ll lose power, we’re starting to ponder a hole in the roof. Our local electric department does have a good track record, though, something I’m thankful for.


4 responses to “Iced tree

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  3. Yikes. I’ve lived through ice storms before – they can be beautiful to look at, but they’re horrible to live through.

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