NWA ice storm 2009, again

The temperature in my home is 44 degrees. I’m seeing 46 as the forecasted high, but I’m also seeing 34 as that apex (from more reliable sources, unfortunately). I’m really hoping for that 46-degree mark, since that would warm up my cold house significantly more than a outside temperature still colder than the internal temperature.

KC Power and Light is sending crews to somewhere in Arkansas (more than 100 people) to help.

I’m hearing radio reports that emergency shelters in Fayetteville and Springdale are full (but they’re still serving hot meals).

SWEPCO (AEP) is saying: “The current estimated time for 95% restoration is midnight Saturday. Restoration will proceed as conditions allow.” Carroll Electric states it’s still assessing the damage. (Neither of these power companies serve Siloam Springs, which has its own electric department / company.)

It’s still difficult to find information of any kind. One area newspaper company’s website is still down. I’ve heard via Facebook that NPR is back up, which is good news. Strike that, our local NPR station‘s signal is still down in Siloam — both via the air waves and via the internet.

Along with the above earnest prayer for warm temperatures and a return of power, I’m also (still) praying for the utility workers and other area residents, and a continued lack of wind.

My previous posts about the storm and its aftermath: The first one, the main one and a quick update with projected outage time.

Edited (see above) to correct something I misunderstood.


7 responses to “NWA ice storm 2009, again

  1. I wish you were out here. It’s going to be 80 degrees today. Try to stay warm!

  2. Thanks, we will definitely try!

  3. Still no NPR here in Siloam, via radio or internet.

  4. Ah, I must have misunderstood that, then.

  5. I hope you’ve warmed up! I was in lower Alabama where it was in the 70’s.

  6. We’re still lacking power. And the projection has been lengthened, as well. Sleeping at a house with power tonight.

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