NWA ice storm, for the nth time


The word tonight, which is actually from this afternoon, is that the city of Siloam Springs is hoping to have power restored to the rest of the lines before Saturday. Most should be done tomorrow, but there are always exceptions. Crews from Texas have been called in to help, so tomorrow should be very productive. ADDING: Oh, I also learned there are 1,000 homes in Siloam Springs still lacking power. (In a town of 14,000 residents, that’s a lot of households. Still a decent percentage.)

This actually extends/lengthens/puts off further the projection I received from the city yesterday, of an additional 24-48 hours from then. Based on the old word, we could expect (or at least hope) for power by Friday mid-afternoon. The new forecast, from today, for “before Saturday,” is several hours later. Still, as I stated yesterday, it’s better to have some idea, some word.

We’re sleeping at a heated home tonight. Planning nothing more than a couple hours (sometimes less) ahead of time, and we canceled the party we were supposed to host Saturday. Even if we do have power by then, the house is a wreck, and we’re spent.

We took some fun photos this evening just before sunset. As everything warmed up to about 34 degrees, with a touch of sunshine, the ice started coming off trees and power lines, often in chunks:



The sunshine, and the (unvented, we think) small gas-powered wall heater raised the temperature inside our house this afternoon from 44 degrees to 47 degrees.

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