Ice storm: Hour 64

Still without power at our house. That makes 64+ hours straight (so far). When we went to check on it this morning, after sleeping at a warm friend’s house, the house was 43 degrees inside. We ran the small gas-powered wall heater, as has been our few-day custom. Up ’til now, doing this has raised the temperature inside a whole degree. We waited around, expecting the same this time, but it didn’t happen in the amount of time we were willing to stay. It must have been at the very bottom of degree 43.

Our hopes, as we drove to the house, were momentarily raised, as we saw an electric department crew working near our home, at a place where we thought it might help us. Still no power for us, though. I mused, as I paced my home, that hope truly does spring eternal — no matter how many times I’ve checked without the power being back on, every time I work up the emotional fortitude to go check, some part of me is really hoping that this time it will be back on. [I know that, seeing the crew working, shouldn’t mean that our power is/might be on. If the crew is working, even if they are working on our particular problem, that probably means it isn’t operational yet. I know this, and yet I hope.]

The weather forecast shows a high of 47 degrees for today, and it’s already above freezing, at 34! We opened all the blinds and curtains on the south side of our house this morning before heading for warmth again. (We did this yesterday, too, for the scant hours when we had sun.)

Newspapers and radio stations are starting to function again.

Tonight, if we remain powerless, we’ve been offered the home of friends (with electricity) who are leaving town for the weekend. A place to ourselves! Sounds heavenly — although not nearly as nice as my own home, with heat, sounds.

National news sources are (apparently, based on all the Facebook comments we’re receiving from far-flung friends) saying it could be mid-February before power is restored to everywhere. This I have no doubt about; in fact, it seems sooner than I would have expected for some rural areas near here. The prognosis remains much better for those homes with electricity provided by Siloam Springs Electric Department.

Carroll Electric has yet to provide an estimate of when they’re hoping for full restoration of power (that I’ve seen, anyway). They are providing at least daily updates on progress, though. SWEPCO is aiming for 95% restoration by midnight Saturday.

A closer-to-home newspaper, in Oklahoma, posted a page of photos in conjunction with its special ice storm edition yesterday.


5 responses to “Ice storm: Hour 64

  1. Wow! I hope you get your power back soon!

  2. Ugh! Honey, I’m SO sorry. Really, all I can offer you is companionable sympathy; I know what this is like, having gone through it several times myself, but I don’t have any magic words or quick-fix tricks. Sorry.

  3. We were without for 46 hours and that was more than enough for one lifetime – 64 is just plain wrong! I am so sorry to hear about it and wish I could send you the Hydro Quebec crews that helped restore OUR power, Sending good (and warm) wishes your way.

  4. Oh, Hannah, my thoughts are with you. It sounds like you have many generous friends who have offered a warm place to stay, but nothing is like being in your own house!

  5. Thanks for the companionable sympathy, and well wishes and thoughts, all! I know there’s nothing else you all can do. And yes, wonderful friends and family here are keeping us sheltered. We’re now at hour 74.

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