Going easy on myself

I decided, this weekend, that I’ll not review every single book I read this year. That’s right, I’m giving myself a break. Well, it’s actually not a huge break. I won’t be reviewing (here) the knitting books I read. I’ll still list them in my newly created Books Read list, which has its own tab.

This not reviewing knitting books isn’t actually a new thing; I read at least one knitting book last year, but not only did I not review it, I didn’t even include it in my count. I might not have thought about it this year, except that one of the knitting books I read this month, Mason-Dixon Knitting, was actually one of Dewey’s books, so I was going to count it for that challenge. Which you may not know about, because I never actually got around to posting that I was participating. But I was participating! I’d committed at the challenge blog, I’d made a long list of possible books, and I’d starting winnowing that down. (And read the first book for the challenge, even.)

So, since I’m not reviewing knitting books, and since I’m so behind on these challenge posts (I count at least 3-4 I should’ve had up long ago), I’m reneging on my challenge-participation status. In both the challenges I committed to (that’d be Dewey’s books challenge, and the Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge). I may well still finish all the reading, but the thought of all the extra posting has been weighing on me.

These changes make it so I’m not 50 percent further behind than I’ve ever been here. Instead, I’m only tied with my most behind ever. :/ That’s much better, right?


4 responses to “Going easy on myself

  1. I do the same thing. I read a ton of children’s books last month but I only reviewed two. I don’t review books I didn’t like. I say only review those you love. By not reviewing as much, you can read a lot more! =)

  2. That’s good that you’re taking a more relaxed attitude. I don’t review every book I read either. I try, and of course I review ARCs from publishers, but sometimes I don’t review library books if I run out of time.

  3. You have every right!! Relax as much as you want!! I’m so happy you’re back in your heated home…I just saw your husband’s blog (because you gave us a link a few posts back) and saw all the icy pictures. I love the one he took where the berries are completely enclosed in ice. That really gives you the effect of how severe it was, and how pretty at the same time!

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