WG: Varying covers

deweys-weekly-geeks27This week’s Weekly Geeks task is: Pick a book —any book, really — and search out multiple book cover images for that book. They could span a decade or two (or more)…. Or they could span several countries. Which cover is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? Which one best “captures” what the book is about?

At first I had trouble thinking of a book to search for. Most of my recent reads are still in their first edition, probably haven’t been translated yet, either. Then I saw this one in my to-be-reviewed stack, and decided to go for it.

These are all covers of The Sin Eater by Alice Thomas Ellis, published first in 1977.

(You can click on the covers to view larger images.)

The first one is the one I read. The third one is the hard cover. The fourth was published in Canada. My first thought was that none of the covers really does justice to the book. After pondering, though, I think the hard cover, perhaps, best conveys a tidbit of what the story will be about. I like the edition I read the book in, though — the first one — probably the best.

This assignment sent me digging in my archives to find this post, all about the various covers of a certain book. (I’d put off reading it for years because of the cover on the library edition.)

EDITED TO ADD: I reviewed this book here.


13 responses to “WG: Varying covers

  1. I think all of the covers are good, but I think I like the Canadian cover. Of course, I’m not a good judge because I haven’t read the book.

  2. I’m in love with the second one. It’s so soft.

  3. I like the third cover best. 🙂

  4. I know nothing about the book, but just from the covers, I’d be more likely to pick up the first one.

  5. Interesting to think about the role of a cover in getting you to choose a book isn’t it

  6. Now my name is linked to my post

  7. I haven’t read the book, but like the first two. Great job.

    Mine is finally up.

    Happy Reading!

  8. I read that book years ago, but I don’t remember any of those covers … hmmm … I haven’t read any Alice Thomas Ellis for a long time _ thanks for the reminder!

  9. I’ve never heard of this book before so it’s interesting looking at the four covers. I really can’t tell what it’s about. The first cover is the one I’d choose.

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  11. I like the one with goose on the cover

  12. The design and color of the first are very appealing to me, but the picture on the last one would probably make me curious to pick it up and read the description.

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