BTT: The best book unread

btt2This week’s Booking Through Thursday question: We’ve all seen the lists, we’ve all thought, “I should really read that someday,” but for all of us, there are still books on “The List” that we haven’t actually gotten around to reading. Even though we know they’re fabulous. Even though we know that we’ll like them. Or that we’ll learn from them. Or just that they’re supposed to be worthy. We just … haven’t gotten around to them yet.

What’s the best book that YOU haven’t read yet?

Alas. The hard part, of course, is narrowing this down to one. There are so many great books I haven’t read yet!

• Middlemarch by George Eliot
• Ulysses by James Joyce
• Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
• The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
• Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather
• There’s even *whispers* some Jane Austen I haven’t read.

I know, I know, it’s terrible. I’d already been thinking of investing some energy in starting to remedy this situation in 2009. So what’s my most grievous failure? Where should I start? Now, I won’t lie, some of the books listed here are a lot more likely to get read by me in 2009 than a few others. But go ahead, let your voice be heard. Perhaps you’ll persuade me. 🙂 What’s your vote? Which book makes me the most unread? Think it’s none of those listed? Comment away.


9 responses to “BTT: The best book unread

  1. I haven’t read ANY Jane Austen! Someday though I will make the time…

  2. I can’t answer your poll until I know which Jane Austen books you haven’t read. : ) It’s a hard call anyway – you’ve listed some really good books.
    BTW, if you want to borrow any Jane Austen books, you can. It would help balance all the books you loan me. : )

  3. I haven’t read Jane Austen either. I’ll start sometime this year!

  4. Les Mis is an amazing book — I highly recommend it. (Although I just recommended Ulysses over Moby Dick on someone else’s blog…) But Les Mis is a truly enjoyable and beautifully written story.

  5. I haven’t read any of the ones on your list. Middlemarch made my list too though.

  6. I vaguely remember Ulysses as I had to rush through it for a paper in college. I would love to re-read the book. Les Miserables is my next selection for the read-along in June.

    The Kite Runner is too much hype so I’m waiting the craze to subside. 🙂

    I’ve got so many but when I reflect upon the type of writing style that appeals me the most, I narrow it down to a short list.

    At first I couldn’t make of the question because it really depends on what best is. I’m reading a very popular book that I’m probably the last person on earth to read it. Gone with the Wind. 🙂

  7. Oh, gracious! As an English teacher, I’m often ashamed by how much I’ve NOT read. Sigh…

  8. Well, I don’t think I’d recommend “Ulysses” to anyone, really. I had to read it for an English class once, and barely managed to struggle through without tearing out all my hair. And my husband is reading “Middlemarch” now, partly on my recommendation, and really not liking it much. So I guess I won’t vote, but I think you’ve got some wonderful reading on your list.

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