WG: Quotes on writing

deweys-weekly-geeks27I’m not really one to collect quotes. I had been thinking of starting, though, recently, as I’ve run across several good thoughts about writing. Part of my motivation to keep track of them now, too, is that I may display a couple of them at my new (still in progress at the moment) writing nook.

This week’s Weekly Geeks assignment (presented by Terri), then, is timed just right (I haven’t participated the last few weeks because the tasks seemed really hard!). So what’s the assignment this time? Post a quote every day.

Because a good writing day is better than all the mangosteens in the world. Because a good writing day wipes the memory of all those bad writing days entirely. Because I love it.

author Justine Larbalestier, on why she writes


14 responses to “WG: Quotes on writing

  1. I really love your quote.. thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. A new quotation and a new word for me 🙂
    Thank you.

  3. Beautiful, and inspiring.

  4. There is that sense of satisfaction from a good writing stretch. Thanks for sharing.

  5. melissapilakowski

    I love the quotation–and ever so true! One good day can wipe out many, many, many, many bad ones.

  6. Great quote; very inspiring. 🙂

  7. I really love this insight into a writer’s thoughts.

  8. great quote. “because I love it” is a good enough reason to do (almost) anything.

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