Booking Through Thursday: Movie Potential

btt2This week’s Booking Through Thursday questions (suggested by Tami are: What book do you think should be made into a movie? And do you have any suggestions for the producers? Or, what book do you think should NEVER be made into a movie?

I think Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone could successfully be translated to film; it might take a trilogy, though, since the book is 560 pages! I have no idea about producers. I definitely think Cutting for Stone could be made into a great film (or series of films).

What about you?


9 responses to “Booking Through Thursday: Movie Potential

  1. This is a popular choice. I still haven’t read it yet — I’d better get moving before the film is released! 😉

  2. I think that any long book would be cut too much to fit into a two-hour film. I selected yet another title. Here’s my response:

  3. That’s 3 for Cutting for Stone. Gotta read this book soon!

  4. It sounds like I’ve really got to read this book soon.

  5. A lot of people have mentioned this one today. I need to look into it 🙂

  6. It’s one of my choices, although it would be difficult to translate all the unspoken emotions to a visual experience.

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