Free e-book: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

I’ve been wanting to read The Beekeeper’s Apprentice for what feels like a very long time now. Alas, my library doesn’t have it (although they have several other Laurie R. King titles).

Today through April 15, you too can download the e-book (PDFs) version, free. I just did.

I actually just started reading my first ever e-book earlier this morning, too. Alas, I have no Kindle (or other e-reader device), so for the moment I’m reading on my laptop screen. It’s not ideal, certainly — I’ve received other free e-books but I’ve never felt a strong enough pull toward the title to actually attempt reading it.

Via Bookish Ruth.

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4 responses to “Free e-book: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

  1. I’ve been meaning to read it too *downloads*

    Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Thanks so much for the info on the free e-book. I’m really glad I came across your blog. I love to read also but sometimes it’s difficult for me to get books often since I am on an island, so this made my day!! ;0)

  3. I’m so happy that you’re able to read the book even though your library doesn’t have it. I hope you enjoy it! (I’m sure you will!)

    Thanks for helping spread the word, too!

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